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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

September 1-30th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

October 07-17th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Territorial Scottie Dog

Mr. Phil lives in a beautiful house in Virginia surrounded by deciduous woodland. The house was built 23 years ago near a site where the American Civil War took place back in 1865. The Scottish terrier, Mr. Phil, is well known for his loyalty and territorial behavior. He makes for a good watch dog and diligently watches out for his owners and the house.

He is getting little sleep at night I was told, as he is often disturbed by unwanted visitors, but not of the usual kind you might be thinking of right now. The owners term those visitors “spirit guests.” Mr. Phil is dutifully defensing his space indoors just the way dogs naturally do to communicate their territory ownership: he is marking it. As the marking incidents became more frequent, his owners consulted a gifted animal communicator to find the source of his unusual marking behavior and what best could be done to stop it. They were told that there are disturbances in their home and that a space clearing might help clear those. This is how his owners got in touch with me to space clear their home.

When I arrived, I wasn’t told where those incidents were happening. I started to energy sense the house, which is what I normally do at the beginning of a space clearing ceremony to get an overall feel for the energetic condition of the home. As I proceeded following along the inner perimeter of the space, I was surprised how rather easy it was to find the locations Mr. Phil was marking frequently. They were standing out like disturbing hot spots in the otherwise quiet and harmonious atmosphere of this house. During the space clearing ceremony I cleared the stagnant energy of those hot spots, purified and consecrated the entire space of the house.

No more marking incidents by Mr. Phil occurred from the day I space cleared this home. His owners are very happy that their Scottish Terrier can now sleep again at night and is more rested during the day.