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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

September 1-30th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

October 07-17th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Space Clearing for Love

My client has asked me for a space clearing consultation as she is looking for new love in her life. As part of the space clearing consultation I go around the inner perimeter of the client’s home, sensing with my hands what the energy of the house reveals. This gives me an idea where the energy flow – in Feng Shui terms the qi – in the house is dull or stuck, hence not supporting the upcoming life phase of my client. There needs to be space and place for someone new to come into her life, one area of focus to attract a new lover is the bedroom. It is a good idea to clutter clear no longer treasured memories of past, romantic relationships. On a deeper level this could mean moving through and letting go of emotional heart-break, too.

Symbolically speaking, a bed that comfortably sleeps two with two sets of pillows is inviting. What is easily overlooked from an energetic perspective, is the foundation of the bed, the mattress. Over time, energetic imprints of the people sleeping in the bed build up naturally almost unnoticed. It is key to remove those old and no longer useful energetic imprints when you like to start a new relationship. The most radical approach is to buy a new mattress; other effective means that remove such imprints are a space clearing of your home or thwacking the bed as described by Karen Kingston

My client has a beautifully designed bedroom, a perfect sized bed, plenty of nicely arranged cushions in fresh and vibrant colors and no clutter around. All in all a very welcoming bedroom atmosphere. As I energy sense the bed, I come across an interesting build-up of imprints on the other side of her bed – very lively and vibrant but a bit unusual. It turns out that her dog fancies this place!! Needless to say it is a good idea to “clutter clear” your dog out of your bed before you can attract a lover, thereby following the clutter clearing slogan: a place for everything and everything in its place! The dog is now sleeping in his designated spot, he willingly made space and he is pictured above.

I am very curious to hear from my client how her love life will unfold!