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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

September 1-30th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

October 07-17th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Hit Repeat

I last visited the tropical city state in March 2011. On this trip, 75% of my client appointments are repeat consultations; clients that have already had a space clearing ceremony within the last two years.

It’s a welcome opportunity to reflect on the benefits of a repeat space clearing. The motivation to book a space clearing ceremony is very individual. One client had two consultations in her previous home and has moved to a new space. They now want to write their own history, make it their own rather than being influenced by historical footprints – energy left over from the emotional build-up of previous tenants.

Another client, wants to set the Chinese New Year of the Snake to serve as her impulse because she is in the middle of switching careers. So the Space Clearing will support her in this transition in her personal space.

Yet another client wants to deepen the relationship with her husband, move to the next stage of their family life, and conceive a child.

Tracey & I repeatedly observe that our clients who book repeat consultations catch the transformational impulse to a more profound extent. Many of our clients move through layers of clutter, both physical and emotional in the beginning. It brings about a big letting go. Having worked through those initial stages and or blockages, both in their home and within themselves, clients are energized and ready to embrace other aspects of their lives.

A space cleared home is free of heavy and stagnant energies, so on the second or third ceremony, this focus has shifted to supporting our clients with manifesting bigger and better things, taking quantum leaps. By now, the client has developed an appetite to dive into the mysteries of transformation. More intimate aspects and potentials of their lives are brought forward into the spotlight. With each ceremony, our clients are gently moved closer to their Spiritual Self, which ultimately increases their joy for life and awakens clarity.