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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

September 1-30th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

October 07-17th, 2020

Personal and business consultations – on request.
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Bytes in the wall

During my recent space clearing trip to the East Coast many of my clients wanted to have a space clearing ceremony to remove the predecessor energy left behind. They were all concerned about the effect it could have on their lives, their well-being and their ability to move forward. They want their homes to have a balanced energetic geometry, supporting their next phase of life just as well. Let me share some of the stories:
Client A in New Jersey is has been living in her house with her family for almost five years. She is a very dynamic person with high energy levels and upon starting the ceremony I experienced the energy flow in the house as very draining and poor. I asked her if she has ever noticed a difference being in- or outside her house? Yes, she realized, after a moment of reflection. We all feel much more tired inside the house and require a higher amount of energy to get things done! I was reading the imprints of an older woman dragging her feet, being tired of life, during the hand sensing part of the ceremony. My client could confirm that an older woman, exhausted by her life circumstances, was living in their home before.

Client B lives on Long Island and is a very intelligent, well-organized and successful business woman. In her home however, she is unable to concentrate, focus and get her affairs in order. Clutter has accumulated in her home office and is continuing to build to an extent that is overwhelming her. The imprints I found in the home are that of disorientation and confusion. It turns out that the predecessor was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, this condition was recorded in the walls and affected my client so that she was no longer able to function in her own effective way.

Client C in Manhattan is a radiant and very courageous single mother. She has felt her life flow to be dramatically interrupted since moving into her new apartment five years ago and is fighting an uphill struggle ever since. An old man had lived in her place before and I noticed extreme heaviness, gasping for air and no more zest for life in her home. My client complaint of mysterious knee pain when being in her apartment. There is no physical reason for it. As soon as she steps outside her home however, the condition disappears. Only four hours after the space clearing ceremony I received a joyful text message from her saying that her knees are no longer painful and heavy in her home.

In all the stories described above, the life of a previous tenant had an impact and was influencing the life of my client. During the space clearing ceremony those imprints are revealed and, in most cases, can be traced back to their related source. With special techniques of purification, the imprints are safely and effectively removed from the home. You may ask yourself at this point: Are imprints only left behind by predecessors? The answer is no. By occupying a space, everybody is automatically building up imprints to a greater or lesser degree. The degree to which imprints are recorded depends on several factors, for example, the energetic configuration of the individual, the awareness with which they occupy their home, the Feng Shui, and inherent energy flow of the building itself. Hence a clearing is very advantageous when we move into a new home. Likewise it pays off in times when we feel stuck in a rut, want to change and move on. Space Clearing is a powerful and spiritual ceremony to erase bytes in the wall and create that crisp, light-filled space for a new beginning.